Earn Valuable Rewards at 1Vice.ag

Just about every online sportsbook has a generous promotional offer for new customers for valuable rewards. Offers are usually tied to a matching bonus on the first deposit into a new online sports betting account.

When you ask yourself, is your sportsbook keeping pace, there are many things to look at. Stretching every dollar through a solid rewards program is a must.

Valuable Rewards – Looking at the Rollover

The main issue with these types of offers is the corresponding rollover requirement tied to the deposit and matching bonus amount. High rollers and action junkies can take advantage of deposit matching bonus offers. However, the average recreational bettor might be hard pressed to reach these high rollover requirements.

As a top-rated online global sportsbook, 1Vice.ag takes a different approach to attracting new members to its online sports betting platform.

First off, this is one of the few online sportsbooks that offers a matching bonus offer for every deposit you make into an online betting account. To make these bonus offers more valuable to recreational bettors, 1Vice.ag offers much lower rollover requirements as compared to current industry standards.

Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

Where 1Vice.ag really stands out from the competition is its customer loyalty Rewards Program. Become a member, you will be automatically enrolled. You will also automatically receive valuable rewards points based on your online betting activity.

These points do not come with an expiration date. This means that they can be saved and redeemed for the rewards that interest you the most. 

One option is to exchange your saved rewards points for free payouts on requested withdrawals. The redemption rate for this perk is 30,000 points per free transaction.

High money transfer fees can cut deeply into your winnings over the course of the year. By avoiding these costly fees, you can make the most out of your 1Vice.ag online betting bankroll.


Popular Valuable Rewards – Free Bet Plays

A very popular way to redeem 1Vice.ag valuable rewards points is through free bet plays. For just 5000 points, you can earn a free $25 play. These free bet rewards increase by $25 at increments of 5000 points. For example, you can increase your free bet credit to $50 for 10,000 reward points.

Bonus Points can be redeemed during normal business hours through the 1Vice.ag customer service department. Customer service is available seven days a week between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. (ET).

There is a maximum free play redemption, it is based on a daily basis is set at $50. There is also a 10x rollover requirement in place to withdrawal any winnings from a free play wager.

Know the Rules Around Your Valuable Rewards

Your valuable rewards earned will vary based on the type of wager placed. Straight bets on point spreads and total lines earn one point per dollar wagered. This increases to 1.5 points for each dollar wagered on exotics such as teasers, If-bets and reverses. You can earn two points for every dollar wagered on parlays.

This point system applies to bets placed on major betting leagues such as the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB for professional US leagues. Both college football and college basketball wagers fall into this category.

Wagers on secondary sports such as golf, tennis, auto racing, boxing and MMA fights will receive ½ reward point for each dollar bet. Wagers on props and futures odds payout at a ½ point per dollar bet.

The 1Vice.ag customer rewards program is just one of the ways that this online sportsbook stands out from the competition. In business for more than a decade, 1Vice.ag has always remained committed to making your online sports betting experience both safe and enjoyable.