The Eagles Win this one | Here’s How

The Philadelphia Eagles have no doubt been the surprise of the year in the NFL. Going into this season nobody gave them a chance to make the Super Bowl. Most of the big names in NFL “pick em land” predicted the Giants and Cowboys; look how that ended up. The Seahawks are out, the Rams folded and Atlanta collapsed. The Eagles won some big games along the way this year and Nick Foles stepped up and got the job done when they needed him the most.

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The Patriots are who the Patriots are and every single year they find a way to get right back into the thick of things. After winning five Super Bowls with Brady and Belichick at the helm, here they are again going for number six. The odds makers say the Patriots can’t be beaten and if you listen to Vegas; they will convince you. Most anybody who is anybody in the prediction game will tell you that the Eagles have no chance in this game and that the Patriots can’t be stopped. They will tell you this is a team on a mission and a team of destiny. They will also tell you that this is Brady’s game to lose and that when its Brady’s game to lose, he never loses.

Look, the facts are the facts and this is a court case, there are mitigating factors and there are litigating factors. There is also proof in the pudding. The Patriots have proven where they stand time and time again.

How can the Patriots be stopped?

It won’t be an easy task and you can believe that the Patriots will show up battle ready, they are battle tested; that’s a fact. Belichick is well aware of being down in last year’s Super Bowl by a score of 28-3 late in the third quarter and he won’t let it happen again. Bill is a football genius and he is a master at making adjustments. This is exactly what happened in last year’s contest against the Falcons.

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The Eagles have job one to take care of if they want to win this game. Number one, get after Tom Brady all game long and never let him go. Give him no peace under center whatsoever. They must disrupt him, disturb him and take him off his game. Remember there is one thing that Brady can no longer do well, that’s run. Put Brady on the run, make him make mistakes put him on his back all game long. This is the number one most important thing the Eagles must do.

Number two, run the football. Nick Foles is not going to beat the Patriots, not in a million years, not going to happen. However, his running game combined with a good game will beat the Patriots.

Third and final way to beat the Patriots, protect the football, do not turn it over even once. Turnovers will kill the Eagles and even one could cost them. This game is going to be close and it might just come down to the two minute drill. If the Eagles have no turnovers and get after Brady all game long and run for 100 yards +, they will win this game. Remember, the Giants found a way twice, the Patriots are beatable.

Prediction: Eagles in a squeaker

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