Defense Wins Titles

In the age of fantasy football, high powered offenses, tape measure homeruns and slam dunks it all comes back to the old time staple DEFENSE. I’m old school anyway and would rather watch a hard hitting game then a shootout. Speaking of old school if you go back 100 years when pro sports were in its infancy it was always the better defensive team that would win games. In baseball the better pitcher got the job done, and a good shortstop or centerfielder could win you many games. In football games were won in the trenches and a good middle linebacker would not let you get first downs. In Hockey a good goalie could shut down the other team, and in basketball a shot blocking center and a good defensive scheme would give of the advantage over high powered offenses.

The old saying is the more things change the more they stay the same. Look at the Mets, their pitching staff shut down the Dodgers and the Cubbies, but couldn’t it done against the Royals so they lost. As we said about hockey the Stanley Cup winner always has a hot goalie. In the NBA finals this year, Cleveland won a few games by playing good defense but when the Warriors stepped up their defense (which was very good in the regular season) they came back and won 3 straight, and of course we have the Seahawks who have be very successful for a few years based on their defense alone.

This is football season so let’s concentrate on football, look what Denver has been doing with its Defense. It totally shut down the high powered Green Bay offense and the game wasn’t close. In the Seattle-Dallas game the final score was 13-12 cuz Seattle has found its defense again since Chancellor came back, and Dallas said since we have no offense now we need to win with our Defense. Then of course we have to the Saints-Giants game in which Eli and Drew threw for 13 Tds between them. Can you really take either one of these teams seriously playing defense like that? In the Giants defense however they were missing 4 starters on defense, and earlier this year were playing pretty good defense, and winning because of it.

Which brings us to the big college game today, the annual LSU-Bama game today in Alabama. We love these 2 teams because of their defenses not their offenses. Sure we know that LSU runs the ball very well as does Bama, but they win with Defense. The Alabama defense is slightly worse than in years past whereas the LSU Defense is just as good. You throw in the fact that they can run the ball and the fact that they are hungrier and haven’t won in a few years, plus there is something missing with Bama this year, and we have a play for you. You have to take the 7 points at America’s Bookie in what will be low scoring fun game to watch if you like the kind of Defense that we do. Sorry Clemson fans, LSU is the team to beat right now, and will not only be in the Final 4 they will be in the Final 2. Enjoy the game guys.

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