Cover Monthly Losses with AB Gambler’s Insurance

America’s Bookie helps cover monthly losses with an extensive incentive program.

Massive Incentive Package From America’s Bookie

When shopping for the best online sports betting value, America’s Bookie sportsbook has you covered.

Over the past 12 years, America’s Bookie (AB) has remained committed to making your entire online sports betting experience both exciting and safe. The added value in working with a top-rated online betting site also makes that experience enjoyable.

Based in Costa Rica as a highly rated global online sportsbook, offers many ways to extend your sports betting bankroll. They have bonus offers on every deposit you make into your online betting account.

These incentives will help by earning valuable customer loyalty rewards points. You get points for all your sports betting activity. America’s Bookie is willing to work for your business every day of the year.

Cover Monthly Losses With Gambler’s Insurance

One of this site’s most unique incentives is Gambler’s Insurance on your monthly sports betting activity.

Everyone who bets on sports bets to win.

However, sometimes the ball does not bounce your way and your team lets you down. Maybe your losses start to pile up over the course of the month. This option guarantees to help your losses. Your sportsbook gambler’s insurance policy kicks in.

Betting credit for 10% of losses
Betting credit for 10% of losses

Simply put, if you end a month with a net loss for the past 30 days of sports wagers placed. America’s Bookie will credit your betting account for 10% of that net loss. This refund will be credited back as free bets. When you have a fresh start to the next month, this is an extra kick to get back on track with your winning ways.

Every sports bettor becoming a member at is eligible to sign up for monthly gambler’s insurance. While maybe this is a policy that you do not want to use. Regardless, it remains in place on an ongoing basis just in case the previous month did not go as planned. It can really help you cover monthly losses.


Program Dates

Available monthly, America’s Bookie breaks down the timeframes for the program as follows:

July 6 to Aug. 2

Aug. 3 to Sept. 6

Sept. 7 to Oct. 4

Oct. 5 to Nov. 1

Nov. 2 to Dec. 6

Dec. 7 to Jan. 3

Jan. 4 to Jan. 31

Dates are also available for the rest of the annual sports betting calendar. Coverage is non-stop and it includes all the bets you place within each monthly time frame.

Any available free-bet credit will show up in your AB online sportsbook betting account the first Wednesday of the next betting period.

Other Incentives to Cover Monthly Losses

There is a 5x rollover requirement on the free-bet credit before any withdrawal can be made. Account balances at the end of each set timeframe are calculated as the difference between the starting and ending cash in your AB account.

Guaranteed 10% Gambler’s Insurance is one of the many perks offered to AB members. This online betting site gives new members a fast start out of the gate. With a generous matching bonus offer up to $1500 on the initial deposit into an America’s Bookie account. However, the best offers are tied to ongoing sportsbook customer loyalty.

Rewards points earned can be redeemed for free-bet credit as well. These points do not come with any set expiration date. This means that they can be accumulated and used for the perks that interest you the most.

Contests and money pools are also part of the sportsbook customer loyalty package. Free entries into these contests and money pools are tied to ongoing deposits into your betting account.

Details covering the entire lineup of promotions and incentives can be found at They’ll do what they can to help you cover monthly losses.