Common Sense Catches

So much of what is happening in the world now takes place by people being reactive and not proactive. Unfortunately we don’t have enough time to talk about politics right now so let’s concentrate on the what is and what is not a catch in the. The brilliant minds of the NFL rules committee have taken what is a simple concept and totally misconstrued it to the point where no one knows what is, and what is not a catch.
After last year’s playoffs in which the Cowboys won a game the should’ve have and a week later were penalized by losing a game they should have ,the bright minds in the NFL constructed a rule saying that the player must make catch the ball all the way to the ground or must establish himself as runner. It cost the Giants the game last week and the hurt the Seahawks on another big pass play. On the OBJ call in the endzone, he had had the ball with 2 hands on it and had 2 feet down and then it was knocked out. In any league except the NFL that was a touchdown. There explanation was that he needed to establish himself as runner. Where was he supposed to run too? The stands? He was already in the end zone and the play was over. Touchdown. On the Arizona play the guy caught the ball took a few steps then it was ruled he wasn’t a runner .How many steps do you have to take before you are runner, 17?
The Problem with replay now is that guys who have never played the game are using slow-mo and all the gadgets to micromanage the game now, instead of just issuing “good ole common sense”. Remember when you were 10 years old and playing in your back yard, and you all had to make your own calls? Let’s take the 2 plays in questions to prove our point.
Picture in your mind the 10 year old boy catching the boy getting 2 feet down then it is knocked out. When you are arguing your point what do think the final result would be? Of course it would be a TD.Could you imagine the laughable response if the defensive team said “Nope incomplete, because he didn’t establish himself as runner”. He caught it, 2 feet down TD, would win the argument every time. How about Dez Bryant’s play. You catch it run 3-4 steps fall and the ball come out, obvious TD…and on the Arizona play he was running with the ball then got hit, it’s a fumble. On the Detroit play he never caught the ball and was simultaneously got hit and the ball popped loose, therefore incomplete pass.
Instant replay was invented when that guy from the Oilers tapped his feet inbounds in the end zone in the playoff years ago. It was created to eradicate obviously miscalls by the officials that we can see at home. It was not created so some guy in replay booth miles away can micromanage something into getting a call that was originally correct and make it wrong. Let’s the refs on the field make the calls with their “gut “, there are 6 or 7 of them to get it right. Let them think about the way the play would’ve been called in backyard or even if it was 2 high school teams playing. Get rid of all the stupid complicated rules that even the players and coaches don’t understand. OBJ said” I caught the ball, stamped my feet and thought the “play was over. It never dawned on him to do anything else.
There was a Supreme Court Justice that once said “I don’t know the definition of pornography but I know it when I see it”. Lets the refs makes the call based on “good old common sense”. If it looks like catch, smell like a catch, taste like a catch then it is a catch”. The same applies to incompletions. I promise you your initial reaction to the play is probably the correct one. Good luck betting this weekend at America’s Bookie and I hope that your profit or loss will be determined by the players on the field and not the suits in NYC. Enjoy the games guys.

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