Cheating in Sports

We are tired of hearing about Tom Brady and the “Deflate Gate” controversy so we decided to say a few stings about cheating in sports because it’s not as “cut and dry “as it may seem. There is a very fine line between doing something that is blatantly wrong and choosing to sway the odds in your favor in order to gain a competitive advantage in sports.
Perfect example of this was when George Brett hit that homerun and it was taken away for a period of time because he had the pine tar too high on his bat. Baseball finally realized that changing the course of a game because of this was ridiculous and ordered the game to be finished from that point.
When pitchers scuff the ball they are suspended for doing this. Does this really give them such an advantage? Even the players that took steroids in the day are getting asterisks on the records. Do you really think that getting if you got shot in your ass you would be able to do what Sammy Sosa or Mark McGuire were able to do. No Way.
On the other hand when I was tennis pro, I always felt that I was the only honest player out there. We used to call our own lines. How ridiculous is that. The really good cheaters would wait until the exact right moment, when you were playing the biggest point in the match to put up a finger saying “OUT”, when the ball hit the line or sometimes was inside the line. How can you except to win a match if your destiny is in the hand of a guy that wants to win as much if not more than you do. You must try to hit the ball way inside the line in order to take that power away from him, but in turn it’s diffusing the weapons that you have in order to take control of the point.
To us that is blatantly “cheating” and is much worse then what Brady did. So what, if the ball has 21 lbs of pressure instead of 23.He still had to make the throws and the Patriots won the game on the field by outplaying the Colts by a large margin. It’s the same as when the Pats “Bent” the rules by inserting players that the Ravens didn’t know were eligible receivers, if there is problem with the rules then change the rules.
This is a very tough topic to discuss cuz I hate cheaters more than anyone else. We knew a guy once who was using marked cards in poker game. That to us is cheating and steps over the line, but the air pressure in a football or a guy taking nutritional supplements is not in our opinion crossing the line. Luckily the for us the people at America’s Bookie always do the right thing, so you can be assured that you can have safe ,fun and profitable betting experience. Enjoy the games today guys.