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AB’s The Brink : Free Pick for the Dark N Stormy Crowd

Combining favorites in a haphazard fashion can ruin our appreciate for even the individual components.  I do not know how many times people have rushed in for that extra boost and parlayed everything in site.  Six legs come through while the final one hits the wall.  Instead of having a great day, all comes up […]

Being a Better Man of Many Means

Americas Bookie’s The Brink exist to revel in the life revolving around sports handicapping.  Bets and booze have the front row seats in our lives but what about other pursuits?  One of the hobbies that can improve your life whether single, in a relationship, or married is cooking.  It transcends the mundane into something special […]

Which Malcontent Rose to the Occasion Last Night?

     We have all worked with a person or two that goes counter to the stream.  Everyone likes quirky personalities but these individuals grate on the nerves of most around them.  When they go, most look forward to quieter days.  The companies that pick up these people have their hands full with malcontent talents. […]