Can The Celtics Beat LeBron?

The Boston Celtics have been great all season long and now that the rubber is hitting the road, they are stellar. This Celtics team is tough, hardnosed and big hearted, they play with a chip on their shoulder and with their hearts on their sleeves. All the clichés mean something here. Usually the old tired sports clichés mean nothing and are simply words to fill a story but not this time.

The Celtics are for real and they are proving it by smacking the upstart Sixers. The latest beat down in this series came Saturday night in the form of overtime and on the 76ers home floor. 101-98 may not look like a beat down but it was. This game was a moral beat down and it says to the Sixers that they are not for real and they don’t belong on the court with the Celtics. The Sixers needed the win and desperately, but not to be.

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Horford came through in the clutch just like so many players have done in this postseason without Kyrie Irving. The Celtics care about nothing, other than winning, clearly opposite of the Sixers camp. These guys are young, carefree, and play with swagger but that’s not enough. Sure, it was enough to beat the Heat, but that’s the Heat, this is the Celtics and they are a much more prepared and the more talented team than either the Het or the Sixers.

The Sixers are done, for all intent and purpose, they are cooked! Possibly they come back and find a way to win game four but beyond that, it’s over and the Celtics will be facing the Cleveland Cavaliers just as most predicted at the beginning of the season. The bookies had the futures bets prepared and set for this ending and what will be interesting is the upcoming series price for Cleveland vs. Celtics. Shop around and get the best number, every penny counts when betting on any game but especially a series. Check with your favorite Sports bookie for the latest prices and offerings.

The Cavaliers look great and that’s an understatement. What they are doing to the Toronto Raptors, is destroying them, embarrassing them and honestly, making them look like chumps. The Raptors came storming back from a 17 point deficit and actually showed signs of life and then the dagger! LeBron did it once again, he took the last shot the buzzer and stuck the dagger in the heart of any hopes the Raptors may have had.

Can they beat the Celtics?

Why not? Without Kyrie, yes they can. Kevin Love has stepped up in this series and played a role that they have need him to play. What happened to Love, nobody knows but he found his way out of mediocrity and has shown up in a big way. This series will be about Love, not LeBron. If Love continues where he has left off against the Raptors, the Celtics are in for a battle.

The Celtics are not chumps or they wouldn’t be up 3-0 on the Sixers. They have come to play in this year’s playoffs and to think what they might be with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward in the lineup. The Celtics built a “superteam” in the offseason with beating the Cavaliers as a goal. They have their work cut out for them as they prepare to go head to head with a top five NBA player of all time in LeBron and a role player that has the ability to show up like Scottie Pippen. This series is going to be a battle for the ages in the Eastern Conference.

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