Boxing Betting - Tim Bradley On Pacquiao: "I know Rios can take a punch but this is not Mike Alvarado"

By Charles Jay

As the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios approaches, those who will be placing their wagers at America’s Bookie for this matchup may be interested in knowing the opinion of someone who has actually been in the ring with Pacquaio. Timothy Bradley, who was the beneficiary of – most observers say – was a “gift” decision in his bout with the Filipino superstar in June of last year, has been available for that purpose, and his insights have been very interesting.

Pacquiao faces off against Rios, in a scheduled 12-round bout that is advertised for the “WBO International welterweight championship,” at The Venetian Macau’s CotaiArena in a fight that is carried by HBO Pay Per View.

Here are the boxing betting odds, as they are currently posted at America’s Bookie:

Manny Pacquiao -495
Brandon Rios +395

Under 8.5 Rounds -120
Over 8.5 Rounds +100

Bradley is riding high right now. He is undefeated, holds the WBo welterweight championship and is just coming off a 12-round split decision victory over Juan Manuel Marquez, which means he now has wins over both Pacquiao and Marquez, and may be in a position to make some real money in the future, especially if he gets a rematch with one of them.

His experience with Pacquiao was, in the opinion of most boxing fans, a rather unpleasant one, although he did get the votes of Duane Ford and the infamous CJ Ross (Jerry Roth went Pacquiao’s way) in the fight. Whatever you think of the result, you have to agree that Bradley is unique qualified to talk about what Rios can expect from Pacquiao on fight night.

On a conference call with reporters, he said that Rios may not have come across someone who will move in with as many angles. “He is going to have to expect a lot of angles in this fight,” said Bradley. “Rios, if he is going to have a chance to beat Pacquiao he is going to have to close the distance. He is going to have to get close, stay close and punch.” Bradley added that Pacquiao does something that not many fighters do, which is make effective use of feinting. ” Manny Pacquiao dropped a lot of feints on me and it kept me off balance as far as shots.”

America’s Bookie customers should consider the fact that Rios is not as naturally big as Pacquiao is. He is only about fourteen months out of the lightweight division and has fought twice at 140 pounds but now engages in a welterweight bout. As Bradley explains, this is a new world for him when it comes to handling the punches of an opponent.

“Manny has power in both hands, he can hurt you,” he says. “I know Rios can take a punch but this is not Mike Alvarado – he is facing Manny Pacquiao who has speed and power.”

Bradley thinks the biggest area of concern for Rios needs to be the left hand of Pacquiao (the -495 boxing betting favorite). ” Pacquiao has a huge left hand,” he says. “He feints a lot and tries to lure you in. He will probably let Rios get off first. And he’s going to make him pay for every mistake he does.”

Bradley points out that even though he was in great shape for his fight with Pacquiao, he was exhausted after four rounds because he had expended so much energy. He warns Rios of the same, and says he is expecting that Pacquiao will score a knockout somewhere in the neighborhood of the eighth round. At America’s Bookie, the fight is priced at -120 to end before the midway point of the ninth round.

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