Boston’s Rondo dislocates elbow, returns


Midway through the third quarter of a close game, Rondo was guarding Miami’s
Dwyane Wade at the top of the key and swiped the ball away for a turnover. As
the ball was going out of bounds, the pair got tangled near the foul line,
and Wade hooked his right arm around Rondo as he was falling to the floor.

Rondo went down as well and tried bracing himself with his left arm, but his
elbow gave out and bent in the opposite direction, hyperextending it in
gruesome fashion.

After writhing in pain on the floor, team trainers helped Rondo back to the
locker room, where they popped the elbow back in.

Remarkably, Rondo was back on bench by the end of the frame and started the
fourth quarter, sporting a sleeve on his injured elbow.

Though he was dramatically favoring his left arm, he finished the game with
six points and 11 assists in Boston’s 97-81 victory.

“I’m not concerned,” Rondo said of the injury. “I’m glad we have a day off
to get treatment and hopefully I’ll be ready to play.”