Betting the MLB Postseason at America’s Bookie

October is the best time, betting the MLB postseason is not only fun, but can be very profitable. This time of the year, it is time to bet on MLB games at America’s Bookie. The top five teams from both the American and National League will battle it out for a league pennant and a spot in the best-of-seven World Series to close out the year.

While football commands most of the betting attention this time of the year, there is some serious betting value to be found in MLB postseason games. This is where America’s Bookie really steps up to the plate as a top-rated online sportsbook.

Betting the MLB Postseason

For more than a decade, this global betting site has been catering to US players. To the point where it has earned the title of “America’s Most Trusted Sports Bookie.” Never one to rest on its laurels, America’s Bookie remains committed to making your entire online sports betting experience safe and enjoyable.

One of the biggest ways America’s Bookie earns your business is through competitive betting lines. This is especially true when it comes to competitive money lines when betting the MLB postseason games.

By saving $5 or $10 in juice betting the favorites or earning an extra $5 or $10 return betting underdogs, you can continually boost your overall betting bankroll. This can really add up over the course of the entire MLB postseason.

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Reduced Juice Options

America’s Bookie also offers reduced juice options for betting a certain way on the MLB total line. Watch if the betting public is leaning heavily towards the OVER for a game. You can usually find a much more favorable price for going against the public and betting the UNDER.

In some cases when betting the MLB postseason, you can get one side of a total bet for even money or even a slight gain at -105.

Successful sports betting is all about finding value in the betting odds. Money lines for baseball, ice hockey and soccer offer the best value at America’s Bookie when compared to other online sportsbooks. This advantage becomes even more prevalent during the MLB playoffs.

Along with all the standard markets for betting MLB playoff games, America’s Bookie offers a full lineup of additional betting options. There are competitive payouts for parlays, especially when you start adding teams to the overall play. Through the use of a MLB money line parlay calculator, you can quickly find the overall return for any parlay play.

Betting the MLB Postseason Props

America’s Bookie offers a full set of MLB props for every game of the year. This list is expanded for the MLB playoffs. Things really get ramped up for the AL and NL best-of-seven league championship series leading to the Fall Classic. Are you ready to see the crowing of this season’s world champions.

Some bettors find it hard to get excited by the daily grind of the MLB regular season. That is not a concern during the postseason run to a world title. This is baseball at its best with drama and excitement built into every game. This is why America’s Bookie also offers an extended lineup of live MLB in-game betting options throughout the playoffs and World Series.

Throw in a very lucrative promotional lineup of deposit bonuses, gambler’s insurance and valuable rewards points for online betting activity. There has never been a better time to become a member of America’s Bookie.

Online registration can be completed in minutes and there are any number of ways to fund your America’s Bookie online betting account including Bitcoin as the most popular option.