Betting the 2020 NBA Playoffs


If you’re a big gambler, you will need to proceed with a little more caution than usual when betting on the 2020 NBA Playoffs. With every team having the same amount of time off, and several key players not making the Orlando trek, there is a lot of uncertainty. Be wise.

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Underdog Betting Should Be At An All-Time High

Normally, the big bucks are placed on the league’s premier teams. But this year, it’s time to step outside the comfort zone. 

The Celtics and 76ers are two fantastic examples of teams with championship potential that are being slept on. Take a chance on one of them as conference champion. The talent speaks for itself.

The Bucks are clearly the top team in the East, but they are not invincible. And given that they don’t have home-court advantage, anything can truly happen. 

When handicapping the NBA, the thing to still avoid is the lower seeds in the East. Brooklyn, Washington and Orlando are all short-handed and will have a hard time in the first round.

In the West, it is clearly the Lakers 1A, the Clippers 1B. And after them, it is totally wide open. 

Dallas has two promising stars leading them. Oklahoma City has Chris Paul, who can never be counted out. Denver has Nikola Jokic in the best shape of his life. Houston has the best backcourt in the NBA.

If you’re looking to cash in big, take a chance on a Houston or an Oklahoma City. Utah without Bojan Bogdanovic may struggle, but the Jazz have two All-Stars. In a neutral, quiet environment, anything can happen.

Can Toronto Repeat?

With Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green both on Los Angeles teams now, two-fifths of Toronto’s starting lineup from its title team is gone. But still, they are second in the East and have proven that despite multiple injuries, togetherness and a successful scheme can help them overcome it.

Led by superstar Pascal Siakam and a fantastic backcourt in Fred VanVleet and Kyle Lowry, they have been tough to beat all year. They haven’t exactly won with depth, but rather with underrated guys playing well when they have needed to. Are they good enough to win the East again?

There are plenty of challenges aside from the Bucks, but if the Raptors can make it to the conference finals, they can very much beat Milwaukee. They can defend all five positions. They can shoot the three. And they never give up. The best sportsbooks to bet on basketball have Toronto at +2000, which is a nice future bet if you want to cash in big and believe in Nick Nurse’s team.

Bets To Make

There are a few potentially worthwhile wagers to make when betting on the NBA where a small bet could net a massive gain. Denver +2500 is worth a look. The Nuggets have fantastic depth and a terrific defensive group. Nikola Jokic proved last year that he can dominate in the playoffs too.

Houston +1800 could also pay off big. When Russell Westbrook and James Harden get to the bubble and this team locks in, they are tough to beat. 

Slowing the game down and trying to beat them in the paint is the only way they’ll lose. Only the Lakers could dominate Houston in that way, so if the Rockets can avoid them, anything goes.

One more to look at is Miami +4000. They probably won’t win the title. Or the East. But with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo leading a fantastic team, they could pull it off. They are full of hungry players that have already proved doubters wrong once.