Betting Super Bowl LV Props

Is there anything more exciting than betting on the Super Bowl? Maybe this year will be with Super Bowl LV props. It’s the most-watched and most-wagered on sporting event in the U.S. The total last year was right around $7 billion bet on Super Bowl LIV.

You can likely expect even more this year as a number of U.S. states have legalized sports gambling. Not only can bettors wager on the outcome of the game, they also have their choice of a full range of Super Bowl props.


Coin Toss

Before the game even starts, bettors can take a stab at betting on the pregame coin toss. It’s a 50-50 proposition, but you can make several different wagers. You can bet on Heads or Tails each at -115. 

You can also bet on the team that wins the coin toss, either Kansas City or Tampa Bay. Both wagers are listed at -115. Then, there is the bet on whether or not the team that wins the toss wins the game. Likewise, there is a wager for the winner of the toss losing the game. All of these bets are priced at -115.

First Quarter Super Bowl LV Props

With two of the top-6 scoring offenses in the NFL playing each other on Sunday, there are some interesting bets on scoring in the first quarter. The Chiefs are favored as the first to score six points at -125. The Bucs are listed at +150. This is an interesting one to watch when betting Super Bowl LV props.

Super Bowl first quarters tend to be one where each team feels each other out. In the last ten Super Bowls, only once have the two teams combined for more than 12 points. That was when Green Bay scored two touchdowns in Super Bowl XLV against Pittsburgh. 

In three of those games, the first quarter score was 0-0. While it’s not likely, it should be noted that both teams have very capable defenses and could shut out their opponent for a quarter while the offenses feel out the opposing defenses. In the race to six points, betting on no points scored is listed at +250.

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Super Bowl LV Props – First Player to Score TD

The first player to score prop is a great one for bettors to play because the payouts can be quite high even on players that are likely to score the game’s first touchdown. 

The favorites are Chiefs TE Travis Kelce and WR Tyreek Hill, both listed at +550 at America’s Bookie. Kelce caught 105 passes for 1,416 yards and 11 touchdowns during the regular season. Hill also had over 1,000 yards receiving and 17 total touchdowns. Kelce has three receiving touchdowns in the Chiefs two playoff games.

Tampa Bay RB Leonard Fournette is listed at +850 as is his teammate WR Chris Godwin. Chiefs RB Clyde Edwards-Hellaire is priced at +900. 

Where bettors could take some risk is betting on either Mahomes (+1350) or Brady (+2300) to score on a run. Mahomes had two rushing touchdowns this season. Brady had three.

Tom Brady Passing Yards

Brady has played in nine Super Bowls, so he has a larger sample size. He has averaged 315.3 yards per Super Bowl. Both the Over and Under payout at -115. 

Here’s the thing. In his last three Super Bowls, Brady threw for 262, 505, and 466 yards. That’s an average of 411 yards per game.