BetPhoenix Sportsbook is sinking


BetPhoenix SinkingBetPhoenix Sportsbook is a sinking ship and in an effort to stay afloat they have let go 70% of their staff. The problem with this desperate move is that they let go all the wrong people, as their owner Dino kept his overpaid yes men.

This “solution” is just a band-aid and the already poor customer service and slow pays will only get worse.

The BetPhoenix cash flow is already down to a trickle because post players are finding better and safer options and it will get even worse with reports of pph agents leaving weekly because of the lack of support and quality staff.

Affiliates and sub books complain that payments are long overdue and that the payments they receive are only a fraction of what is owed.

These are all signs of a sinking sportsbook and BetPhoenix Sportsbook should be avoided.