Belichick is “Stickin’ It” to Goodell

By: Frankie the Fan

You have to give Bill Belichick credit for the way he is “sticking it” to Roger Goodell. He was obviously not happy about the fact they tried and finally succeeded to suspend Tom Brady. Instead of doing it the way millennials do by complaining on Facebook and Twitter he took a different approach.

He said to himself. “O.K., the way I’ll show the NFL who’s the real boss is by winning all 4 games in which Brady was suspended for, and the best part is he is going to do it with 3 different QB’s and one of them is going to be a wide receiver. He starts out with Brady’s backup and goes into Arizona and wins, next up when Garoppolo goes down, they bring in the 3rd string rookie to clean up the Dolphin game, and start him against an undefeated Texans team who they shut out 27-0.

The Pats have always done things their way especially when it comes to the injury report. They never really tell who is really hurt, and they have been fined in the past for doing just that. I remember when a few years ago people were complaining about it so Belichick put almost the entire team on the injury report, just to mock the NFL, which is what he is doing now. Obviously the bettors and the fantasy guys want to know who’s playing and who’s not, but look at it from this persepective, if you don’t say who you are going to start at QB, the other team has to spend twice as much time preparing for 2 different quarterbacks and 2 different styles. Advantage to the team that keeps its mouth shut.

Which brings us to the main point of this article; there is no line yet out at America’s Bookie and almost all other places because no one knows if the rookie with the bad hand, or a WR who last played QB in college for a small division 7 school is going to start. The Bills have no idea how to prepare and what to look for. My guess is Belichick will develop some “single wing T-Formation” from the 1920’s and start Edelman, and the Pats will still win the game and go 4-0. This will be Bill’s way of giving the finger to Roger Goodell for suspending their QB for the ridiculous reason of possibly a football being underinflated by a pound or 2.

Does that mean if the footballs are too soft this week the WR who is playing QB will be suspended for 4 games as well? It goes to show you how ridiculous “Deflategate” was to begin with. I’m really hoping that the Pats win this game playing Edelman at QB, and Belichick was able to say the “NFL CZAR”, “See you tried to fuck us,  it didn’t work, we are still 4-0, can win with anyone on our team playing QB, and by the way, the QB doesn’t control the pressure in the football.” Then I want him to go the NFL offices and hand the game ball to Roger and say ” Stick this in your trophy case”, like Burt Reynolds did in the Longest Yard.

Keep your eye on New England all year as they are showing how well they are coached, play as a team and it’s no fluke that they are in the playoffs every year. It’s not because they play in the weak AFC East is because it’s “old time football.” These are the players we have to work with, and we are going to find away to win under whatever circumstances that we are faced with. I can’t wait to watch this game and bet New England as they win by 3 TDs with the funky formations and the Wide Receiver and maybe a few other guys playing QB. Take care guys.

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