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Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks: Fixed Odds Horse Betting

Let’s get to know about fixed odds horse betting. All the top-rated offshore books offer an online betting platform for betting on horse races. An online racebook offers fast and easy access to almost any track in the world running a daily card of races. Never Miss the Triple Crown Both offshore books and US-based […]

Managing Multiple Revenue Streams With Pay Per Head Solutions

The days of local bookies only taking weekly action on Saturday college football games and NFL games on Sunday are fading fast. To stay on top of things, you need multiple revenue streams. The easiest way to achieve this is by using a quality pay per head service. Pay Per Head Solutions & Multiple Revenue […]

Enjoy Safe and Secure Online Sports Betting at

For the past 12 years, online sportsbook has offered safe and secure online sports betting. They cater to the sports betting needs of the US market. As a top-ranked global online book based in Costa Rica, has grown to understand exactly what US players are looking for in a sports betting site. MUST […]

Buying a MLB Postseason Pick Package

It is always a good idea to consider buying a MLB Postseason pick package. Given the fact that the MLB regular season is six months long with 30 teams playing a 162-game schedule, it may not be feasible to buy the entire MLB selection package. However, with the start of October, buying a one-month MLB […]

Capitalize on the MLB Playoffs With Pay Per Head

It’s time to get more out of the MLB Playoffs with pay per head. Too many private bookies make the mistake of putting all of their efforts on football during the month of October. While the NFL, followed by college football, accounts for the bulk of your weekly handle, you are leaving money on the […]

Betting the MLB Postseason at America’s Bookie

October is the best time, betting the MLB postseason is not only fun, but can be very profitable. This time of the year, it is time to bet on MLB games at America’s Bookie. The top five teams from both the American and National League will battle it out for a league pennant and a […]

Max Profit This Football Season With Advanced Pay Per Head Solutions

It’s time to get more out of your bookie business with advanced pay per head solutions. The entire pay per head bookie services industry revolves around the same basis business model. PPH services provide the necessary software tools to run and manage a private bookie business. In return, you pay a weekly per head fee […]

Image Raises the Stakes: Higher Football Welcome Bonus

If you’re looking for a higher football welcome bonus, you’ve come to the right place. There is nothing better than football season for avid sports fans looking to wager or the games. That is why is doubling its welcome bonus offer for new members of this top-rated online sportsbook. Limited Time Offer – Higher […]

Using Pay Per Head to Customize Your Football Betting Board

With football season underway, if you’re going to be a real bookie, you need to customize your football betting board. The competitive nature of the sports betting industry is at an all-time high. The big commercial sportsbooks are pulling out all the stops to attract sports bettors to their online betting platforms. This is forcing […]

Tips to Avoiding Pro Handicapping Hype this Football Season

Are you looking for pro handicapping help? The new season of football at both the college level and the NFL tends to pique sports bettors’ interests in pro handicapper selection packages. Everyone is looking for a betting edge over the books during football season. The concept of buying expert selections is sometimes the best route […]