America’s Bookie: The Place to Bet MLB Moneyline Parlays

Do you know which sportsbook is the place to bet MLB moneyline parlays? America’s Bookie has earned a reputation for making your online sports betting experience both safe and exciting. 

Based in Costa Rica, this top-rated offshore sportsbook continues to earn high grades right across the board. And of course, are the best place to bet MLB moneyline parlays.


Most Trusted Bookie in America

Catering to the US sports betting market for well over a decade, it is easy to see why this online betting site is considered to be ‘America’s Most Trusted Bookie.’

One of the big reasons why America’s Bookie is so popular among US players is the overall diversity of its betting board. Covering every major sport and sporting event in the US as well as sports on an international level, you can always find betting value in the posted odds.

Moving into the summer months, MLB betting plays a much more prominent role as the only game in town. If you are looking for true betting value while also enhancing your return on investment, MLB moneyline parlays offer both on a daily basis.

Parlay bets using football and basketball point spreads offer a fixed payout based on the number of teams grouped together. At America’s Bookie, a winning two-team parlay pays 2.64-to-1. Moving to three teams, a winning combination offers a 6-to-1 payout. This offshore book accepts parlay plays all the way up to 15 teams with some of the most competitive payout odds in the industry.

Top Sportsbook to Bet MLB ML Parlays

Top Sportsbook to Bet MLB ML Parlays

How to Bet MLB Moneyline Parlays

Betting MLB moneyline parlays requires the use of a parlay calculator to determine the actual payout. As a general rule, the higher the favorite on the money line, the lower the payout. Betting underdogs generates the biggest returns.

For example, if you bet the New York Yankees as -150 home favorites and the Chicago Cubs as -160 home favorites in a two-team parlay. The calculated return on a $100 wager would be $170.83 if both teams win their game.

Conversely, if you bet the Philadelphia Phillies as +130 road underdogs and the Tampa Bay Rays as +145 underdogs on the road. That two-team parlay would return $463.50 on that same $100 wager if both teams pull off the upset.

The sweet spot for betting MLB moneyline parlays is two or three teams at the most. Once you expand to four teams, the probability of winning that many games becomes rather low even if you are only betting favored teams.

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America’s Bookie prides itself in offering the most competitive money line odds for MLB games in the industry. This can enhance the value in betting two or three-team parlays. Getting a favorite at a lower price not only adds value to betting that game, it also boosts the payout on a winning parlay play.

Betting MLB Moneyline Parlays at America’s Bookie

Using the initial example above, you might get the Yankees at -145 and the Cubs at -155 at America’s Bookie. If they both win, the return jumps to $177.98. Over the course of a 162-game season, adding even a few extra dollars to a winning bet can add up to quite a bit of extra money in your online betting account.

America’s Bookie is always looking for ways to enhance your online betting experience. From bonuses with low rollovers on every deposit you make to valuable rewards points for all your online play,. You do get more for your money at this popular offshore betting site.

Opening an online account is as easy as registering with your full name and phone number ahead of making an initial deposit. You can do this through any number of convenient banking options including Bitcoin as a popular choice.