At America’s Bookie, Payouts Are the Easy Part

Have you ever done business with a sportsbook where they made it so incredibly easy to open an account, but so, so hard when the important part comes? Of course, we are talking about those occasions when you are seeking a payout. And read very carefully, because we’re about to get to the part where the men get separated from the boys, so to speak.

The people at America’s Bookie understand one very simple fact of life – NOBODY wants a headache or a hassle when it is time to get paid. NOBODY wants to have to call their sportsbook twenty times in order to find out what happened with their money. NOBODY. And that is why they have worked hard to establish a reputation for doing fast and easy payouts that is unequaled in this industry. And they have been doing it that way since they went into business in 2005.

Doesn’t that kind of practice make sense? After all, what better form of advertising can you possibly have than to be just as fast as your customer?

The mechanics of it are very simple; in fact, as simple as 1-2-3:

(1) When a customer makes a payout request on a Monday or a Tuesday it is sent out no later than Wednesday.

(2) When the request is made on a Wednesday or a Thursday, it is sent out no later than Friday.

But there’s the policy — it is better to under-promise and over-deliver. And so that brings us to….

(3) Many of these requests are actually satisfied, with payments sent out, THE VERY SAME DAY.

Now, isn’t that the way you SHOULD be doing business with an online sportsbook?

If you haven’t done it already, you need to check out what America’s Bookie has to offer. The sportsbook is chock full of great features, not the least of which is live in-game betting. And whatever sport you can imagine is serviced, from the major team sports North American customers follow to the many international soccer leagues that operate around the globe. Propositions, exotic wagers and futures can be found in abundance.

Then there is also the world-class racebook and poker room, the no-download casino with all of your favorite games, and sports pools that always add a little spice to the action. On top of all this, their mobile site is very straight forward and easy to navigate. So if you’re just looking up lines, or placing the parlay of all parlays, it is right at your fingertips on your favorite mobile device.

Just remember that whatever it is you’re playing, you are going to get paid FAST. Because at America’s Bookie, they know that a satisfied customer is the best word-of-mouth they can possibly get. Visit them at and bring up the live chat apparatus, or give them a call at 1-877-482-6948 and find out how you can deal with the people who really work hard for your repeat business!