AB’s The Brink : Summer Time

While Wimbledon powers our bankrolls onward and upward, the fare at the All-England Club leaves little to be desired.  Strawberries and cream might be fine for one morning but what do we do for the rest of the fortnight.  Even when we find the necessary calories, we are sorely left in the lurch for the types of beer that match the summertime tennis action.  Americas Bookie’s The Brink will look at some seasonal beers that will do the trick in the pinch as we stay cool while watching blistering serves.

Wild World of Pilsners

Here is a buzzword that accurately describes the product while still being seeming to be “crafty.”  For example, I vaguely remember that most of the mass produced beer in the United States are pilsner but that does not change the taste one iota.  If you want something that is clean and refreshing then go with a Kolsch.  This is a different type of beer.  Think of pilsners as lagers as to Kolsch is an ale.  It softens the curves and takes away the bitterness.  Something sweet to dance on the tongue while having the burger whil watching English tennis.

Without a Big Four

Quarterfinals have become quite a bit more competitive since the Big Four has seen Nadal slip.  We have the Novak dominance as well as Andy’s section being pretty open and shut.  Roger is expected to do well but he has slipped here as of late even in the early going.  Then there is Stan Wawarinka’s section.  He is a co favorite with the young Canadian Milos Raonic to get through to the semis.  If that does not make it tough enough, throw in Grigor and Gasquet into the mix.  Our surprise addition to the mix, Kyrgios from Australia, is even in here.  What a Wimbledon to watch this year.

So the stage is set for a winning two weeks of summertime wagering.  Go to the store and pick up two six packs of custom kolschs.  Them in hand, make a truly American breakfast on Tuesday complete with some hearty hash browns.  Enter your morning wagers and watch them come home.  Good luck with our sports investments and we will see you tomorrow with a tennis Free Pick here on AB’s The Brink.