Shortage of Prosecco Plus Women’s World Cup Future Fade

Today we look at a shortfall in a product that men would consider somewhat fancy dancy.  It is an Italian white wine on the dry side.  Yes, I can already feel your eyes glazing over and mine would too except for one fact.  The ladies love it for their summer mimosas.  So when you find that Saturday night layover that you can spend Sunday with and maybe even put in front of family, you want her at her best.  A mimosa with this in it brings out her personality while keeping alcohol fueled demons at bay.  So find out where we can find this or a substitute for it.  Also this edition of The Brink has a Women’s World Cup recommendation that will save you valuable wagering assets if adhered to.

Background Info on Prosecco

This is almost a substitute for a good bottle of champagne.  It will run you only in the mid tens a bottle instead of near $40 for a decent bottle of the bubbly.  While not directly for us, this style of drink has paid off with both pliable women and transforming border line frumps into charming company.  The problem is that with an Italian grape shortage, this is going to spike in price by double.  So instead of breaking the bank on bubbly, try interchanging these for her pleasure.

Freixenet Cava Carta Nevada Semi Dry ($7).  I should have started with seven bucks a bottle instead of an overly long name.  This might not be able to stand alone but in a mimosa she will hardly miss a beat downing them.

Martini & Rossi Asti ($20’ish)  This can be found almost anywhere and stands up well on its own or accompanying a good meal.  It will also supercharge her by making the mimosas even more desirable.  If you end up having to pay the Andrew Jackson, take this over the Prosecco any day.

Women That Will Let You Down

If it is from the USA and plays soccer in Canada this June, they are to be avoided.  The women’s USA soccer team is the favorite going into the World Cup but is to be avoided in the futures.  Germany is much safer for almost the same price.  For those that like a boom to their buck Brazil has a great return for the promise of capturing it all in July.  No matter what do not get duped by patriotism in wagering the USA pre world cup women’s futures.

That is it.  So find a fine lady that loves those mimosas or Peach Bellinis.  Even if they end up being only a fleeting pleasure, by going with the aforementioned bottles, you will save valuable money.  At the same time, your chances of having pleasurable company will not decrease in the slightest.  See you tomorrow at The Brink and happy hunting.