AB’s The Brink : Reactionary Blatt

Even the best counter move is inferior to one being the aggressor on the court.  This was clearly the storyline behind Game Five’s Golden State win.  LeBron could play no better nor could his team mates that made it to the floor.  The Brink will look at how Blatt reacting to Kerr’s moves might have been technically correct but his stubbornness cost them in the 104-91 loss.

Our Free Pick was Correct

We all held out hope as Mozgov saw limited minutes even in the early going.  Going small had to mean that the rotation of the Cavs would expand.  Cleveland came out with energy to play their slower tempo game and cashed for our first quarter prediction.  JR Smith would play a slew of minutes.  All was supposed to roll the Cavs way until the reactionary Blatt got stubborn.

DNP Coaches Decision

In the box score, this is where the game was determined.  Yes Curry came up big in the fourth but that is because he had the degree of separation to allow him to hit semi open shots.  The players of the Cavs played the perfect game if only more of them were allowed to make it to the floor.  Miller only got fourteen minutes but realistically twenty would have taxed him.  Perkins, Harris, and Marion all got the DNP.  It is inexcusable especially considering there were stretches where the Cavs offense either had LeBron shooting or dishing the ball every time down the court.  The bench players could have spelled others and played hard on defense.  For the most part, it is about effort and everyone in the Finals will provide it even if they did not during the regular season.

So we are left with an exhausted team limping cross country back home to play on Tuesday.  The +4 has gone up to +4 1/2 for Cleveland overnight.  Most of the time the Brink would also infuse alcohol into our pieces but today our attention will be on talk radio.  The Internet provides anyone access to the Cleveland radio market.  This will help us decide if Dave Blatt finally sees the light and goes deeper into his bench.  Tune in tomorrow at the Brink for our Free Pick for Game Six of the NBA Finals.