AB’s The Brink : Man Up America

To the leader of the free world, look at LeBron and emulate his game.  How did the King manage to leave California with a split confounds most of the experts.  We will look at this and Stan’s equally stunning win over Novak in the French.  But first a note to our president as he is in Europe attending the G-7 Summit.

Alcohol Free

Here at the Brink, the home offices of America’s Bookie, and everywhere else with a set, people are looking for ways to sneak in more alcohol.  We deserve a leader that has a similar mindset.  The German Chancellor, whom is  woman, ordered up Obama a tray of local foods including a traditional beverage.  However the beer that was given to him was non-alcoholic.  The White House went into spin mode saying he definitely did not order the tamer version.  To counter this, the mayor of Kruen said that he was under orders to serve this from US officials.  Time to man up America and get a leader who can hold his suds and lead the free world.

Triple Double

Lebron got by with a little help from those who were not his friends.  His triple double stats of 39-16-11 was as equally polarizing as the stat line that Curry put up.  5 of 23 in total including two of fifteen from beyond the arc had him in full chucker mode.  It took overtime and fifty minutes from the King but he did it.  The Cavs have a split going home.  Still very little chance but the corpse might have a little wagering life still in it.

Finally the grass season is set to open on the coattails of a French Open stunner.  Not only was Novak a monster favorite going in but he won the first set to boot.  Then attrition finally got to even an athlete of his caliber.  Stan rode the momentum of a second set and survived the fourth set to his second slam title.  So raise a glass of the real stuff to Stan and LeBron today.  They manned up.  Now let us hope that the president will go for the beer with the boost next time.