AB’s The Brink : Impersonation and Kryie’s Kneecap

While being brittle may not tear ligaments, it will cause damage in other ways.  This was found out in the most hope dashing of ways when it came to Kryie’s kneecap.  Find out what all went down and how the Cavs will do their best impersonation of an equal opponent for the Golden State Warriors.  On the alcohol front, find out how a Brooklyn based company decided to do a minimum of work to impersonate our favorite coffee based liqueur.  This comes at you right now on America’s Bookie’s The Brink.

LeBron and Cast

The King must feel like it is his first stint with the Cavs all over again.  He was head and shoulders above his team mates but alone could not put them over the hump in the Fianls.  Now with Love gone, Kryie joins the walking wounded on the sidelines.  A glimmer of hope was to be had when no ACL was torn.  However an MRI revealed something that an exterior examination could not.  His left kneecap is cracked and thus he is gone from the finals.  For those that ever wondered if LeBron alone could win a championship, this is the best remaining scenario to see him do so.

WTF is Kahfua?


Most adults are familiar with the distinctive yellow and red lettering of Kahlua.  Its distinctive taste is an additive for many of the ladies favorite drinks.  Well Happy Hearts Wine, impersonation is the best path to profit.  Come up with a similar product, misspell it by one word, and ride on in on it’s coat tails.  Absolut decided to quickly sue HHW for trademark counterfeiting and a whole slew of other civil charges.  How they thought they could get away with this is beyond the scope of normal comprehension.

So all of this news and the line dipped to -8 from 6.  The good news is that the pressure is off of LeBron.  This is like the Lakers against the Pistons when Magic and almost all his team mates went down to injury.  It is that bad.  Most people would not blame James for faltering in this.  He will give it his all.  It will be a sign of his maturity that he will not go off for monster points.  Look for him to make his team mates better.  So our Free Pick of the Day is the under on the points LeBron will score in Game Two.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at The Brink.