AB’s The Brink : Go Natural for Handicapping Energy

Balance is a key even for the action orientated individuals that wager sports.  The entire staff of the Brink stayed up late watching the Clippers get robbed and eventually fall in game five to the Spurs.  While we were on late night alert for a potential crossroads in NBA history, we checked into the office all a little bit laggy.  America’s Bookies The Brink has decided to share some of their secrets to get over the early morning hump after a late night of wagering.

An Elevated Yet Even Keel


AB’s The Brink usually has an eye on beverages of a post celebration style.  Imbibing with a nod towards either reveling or burying the moment at hand.  How about those warriors that need that early morning boost to get in those early bets.  An optimal blend is something that goes does smooth, grants you an immediate boost, and results in no crash at the end of your session.  We will look at some of the more wholesome variety of liquids which will enhance the experience and not have your liver tap out.

Green Juice

For those that like to play mad scientist with their wagers, the crafting of green juices is a conduit to creativity, health and energy.  An ideal blend of characteristics that you seek are as follows.

1.  Very finely strained so that the fiber does not bind away some of the vitamins in the digestive process.

2.  Natural sugars provide the rush of energy but lessens the demands of insulin on the body.  Hence, less of a crash at the end.

3.  Iron  heavy.  Iron actively combats the remnants of morning sleepiness.

Magic Elixir

This comes from the old school that it is not good for you unless it tastes utterly repugnant.  Apple cider vinegar provides balance in most systems because of its benefiial acids.  This gives a jolt without having caffeine.  The key is to find a drink that masks its flavor but does not destroy its health potential.  Cranberry juice with lemon is the perfect conduit for good health to flow.

Coffee and tea are good standbys. Our usual alcoholic fare does not cut it for morning energy.  Anyone can do Gatorade and the energy drink route but it is a cycle of ups and downs.  With the more natural options of green drinks and apple cider vinegar, the handicapper came storm the gates early in the morning.  We will return to our normal lifestyle tomorrow with a drink, free pick, and the relevant action from last night.  Good fortune to all our wagering this evening.