AB’s The Brink : Drinking is a Right in India?

Progressive action or a pocket grab?  This is what is being asked in the nation of India these days.  Find out what stance that a high ranking government official took regarding one of our favorite past times.  Also making the grade at The Brink is Wimbledon.  We will peek at how the seeds did yesterday as well as give a Free Pick to profit by today.  All of this brought to you by our sponsor, America’s Bookie.  So let us get down to business.

Lightweights : 11:30PM

Okay so progress is what you make it. Recently, the hours for selling booze in the state capitol has been extended from 10 PM to 11:30 at night.  Now at first I was tempted to chuckle but we are still a country that has dry counties.  Look at where Jack Daniels is distilled at.  A county that is sans alcohol sales.  Still, we have to admire the stance of Babulal Gaur of Bhopal.  He has come out to say that drinking is a fundamental right.  Before we get too excited about this stance, we realize this is the same person that indicated that rape was  social crime.  Also, the fight to expand alcohol in India is a hard one as it goes against the tennents taught by Ghandi.  So raise your first mug to India today and let us toast good fortune in this uphill fight for social progress.


A grass surface and a very limited season to play on it produce some seeds that just can not flourish on the lawn.  #19 Roberdo is one such person losing two, three, and four in his first round match.  Even those that are really helped by the fast play dropped a set.  Look at Kevin Anderson as he had to go to four sets to win his opener.  Our one to watch, Kyrgios, won in three straight.  All in all a rather elementary day for the men.

Well, most held for at the All England Club.  Will those pesky high profile upsets strike today?  For our Free Pick to Profit by selection is for July 1st.  Nothing settles better than an underdog winner to start the month.  Krunic at +180 over Errani is the WTA match to wager for Wednesday.  Good fortune and we will talk tomorrow at The Brink.