AB’s The Brink : Cleaning up with 6/9 Free Pick

A vast majority of horse bettors at Belmont decided to clean up in an unusual way.  What pattern involving American Pharoah to win tickets has several parties pocketing profit with his Triple Crown win.  Also making news is how one Oakland company is using their brewing capability to also clean up on the market.  Finally, our AB Free Pick of the Day will sweep clean the sportsbooks today.

Government Quarters

One of the greatest marketing jobs in the last forty years was done by the US government.  They convinced the public to buy currency with the express purpose of not circulating it.  The advent of those state quarters had many grandparents in America searching long and far for them.  A perfect gift for the grandchildren, the government sat back and smiled as a good portion of these coins will never see the light of circulation again.  Now the $2.00 American Pharoah to win tickets are in the same boat.  Moments of history to be kept or peddled on Ebay means they will not be cashed in at the betting window.

Beer Soap

The leftovers from the brewing process at one company are now being made into  perfect man gift for the holidays.  Beer soap is hitting the market in mass and the makers are cleaning up.  With several different flavors, the male in your life can now smell like what he likes to drink most in the world.  Another form of profit taking takes root in America.

A final path to clean up on is with America’s Bookie.  The sports investment is an ideal manner to cash in on your sports expertise.  You have always had the ability to pick the winner, now pocket the cash when you do so.  Their customer service staff is on hand right now to walk you through the process. If you deposit today then you have the excellent chance to cash in on our Free Pick of the Day.  Golden State minus one for Game Three of the Finals is the path to profit on.  So clean up America, it is your time with America’s Bookie in your corner.