AB’s The Brink : Can Curry go Heisenberg?

Not many times can a television show a few years removed still hold influence.  Breaking Bad has done so.  In this edition of America’s Bookie’s The Brink, we look at the character Heisenberg.  He is getting his own line of vodka.  Same thing in the NBA Finals, we have a star that should be insisting that people “Say my name” but instead is fading into the background.  All of this plus a free pick in this edition of The Brink.

Blue Ice Vodka

The timing is a little odd on this one. Blue Ice Vodka has been around since 2002.  One would think that this product would have been released during the last season of the series.  It still has a following but some of the fans have switched the rails for other shows.  On the positive side, Vince Gilligan has come out all for this drink.  If anything, people will buy some to collect the three distinctive bottles that come with this products rollout.

No More Whine

A life management coach needs to get a hold of Stephen Curry right away.  The manner in which he is handling adversity is losing him fans.  Not in the performances but the way his face reflects too much of what he is feeling.  Andy Murray, Jay Cutler, and even Melo all show similar body language when things go wrong.  It ends up being contagious and effects those around him.  The pressure is on him and he must at least show that he is above it for the rest of the NBA Finals.

Once again, we turn to the NHL for our bread and butter.  Tampa is head and shoulders above Chicago in one area.  Energy is it and the Lightning defense squad has it.  Lack of depth on the Blackhawks side is finally catching up to them.  At a price near +148, value is on the Lightning again for tonight, 6/10.  Wager this for positive expectation and we will see you tomorrow here at the Brink