AB’s The Brink : All Things Brazil with Cachaca

Big day for Brazil today as they step forward to the next stage of COPA 2015.  Peru pounded Bolivia three to one while Argentina squeaked by Colombia on penalties.  Now Brazil gets the down and now very up Paraguay squad.  One year after failing to make it through World Cup qualification, they have stormed through this COPA without a loss.  Find out which way the Brink will wager in this one today at 5:30PM today.

Sugar Cane

Cachaca is a God send whether you are visiting the southern hemisphere or at any well stocked bar.  Distilled from sugar cane, it is one of the more popular potent potables in South America.  With it a drink can be born by the name of the caipirinha cocktail. This mixed drink is reaching a surge of popularity due to the rise of luxury cachaca.  One of the best is called Capucana.  It blends three different varieties of sugar cane.  With that, they are all aged three years.  With a hint of vanilla, this highly attractive bottle will give a boost to any bar.

2 1/2 ounces Cachaca

1/2 lime unpeeled and crushed into drink

1 teaspoon white sugar

Now pour over your cup of ice

COPA2015 Free Pick

Paraguay has come back strong both as a national team and in this tournament.  They were down 2-0 against Argentina and roared back for the draw.  Pitted against them is a Brazil in flux.  They lost to Colombia and are without Neymar.  Oddly enough, they might be a better team without him as more players are thrust into the action.  It is no longer an assorted pack of observers waiting for him to conjure scoring chances.  Now the action comes from either wing.  Their talent is still superior.  Now they could have the chemistry they sorely lacked in the past.

Two portions of the three line are of interest.  Brazil has gone down to -155 on action seen at America’s Bookie live lines.  With a draw line of +270, here is your value if you wish to speculate against the favorites.  It has been seen that Paraguay can be beaten down by multiple goals.  Brazil has more than enough to push the tempo, do this, and hold on for the win.  Eat the chalk and wager Brazil -155 to win in the three way line. Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at Ask The Bookie.