5Dimes Sportsbook Customers Are Switching to America’s Bookie

With the popular 5Dimes sportsbook shutting down, it’s customers now must find a new place to bet on the games. The easy solution is to head to a sportsbook that you can call home – America’s Bookie.

There may be an inclination for some 5Dimes customers to go big…as in move to one of the larger sportsbooks in the market. The thing is bigger isn’t always necessarily better, and that is very true in this industry.

5Dimes Sportsbook customers are switching to America’s Bookie

5Dimes Sportsbook customers are switching to America’s Bookie


Family Atmosphere

You know how you get all warm and fuzzy when you visit your favorite local restaurant? The staff calls you and your family members by name. The owner even comes out and says hello. It’s that extra touch that keeps you going back to that venue.

The same is true of America’s Bookie.

Small and mid-size sportsbooks treat customers like family. You are never just a number. You’re never just a cog in the giant sportsbook machine.

Small sportsbooks prove their value in the various perks they offer their customers. The extras you can receive at these books are ones you probably never even thought possible. How about some examples?

America’s Bookie Contests

Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to win $333 each week during the NFL season? The 33 Club is the perfect bonus for 5Dimes sportsbook customers who love to wager on the NFL.

Here’s how it works. Simply sign up for a new America’s Bookie account and deposit at least $300. Pick one NFL team and if that team scores exactly 33 points in a game – win or lose – you win $333.

Bettors that deposit more initially can even choose more teams giving you an even greater chance at winning. 

5Dimes NFL bettors will also like the weekly Football Squares. Everybody loves squares. The weekly contest is just like Super Bowl squares.

Make a deposit during the week and you have two chances to win either half or all of your largest deposit for the week. The halftime pool winner wins half of his largest bet and the game winner receives all of his largest bet credited to his account.

More Bonuses & Rewards Than 5Dimes Sportsbook

There are plenty of other bonuses and rewards at America’s Bookie too. In addition to an extremely generous welcome bonus, bettors can receive up to a 100 percent bonus on all of their future deposits.

America’s Bookies also caters to its customer base with Gamblers Insurance. Yes, 5Dimes customers that sign up can receive 10 percent cash back on their monthly net losses. It’s just another of the perks that are offered to loyal customers.

Maybe even more important than bonuses and rewards are payouts! No one wants to be waiting for their winnings, or worse yet, never get them. At America’s Bookie, payouts are the easy part.

Hit the Easy Button

In choosing a new sportsbook, all customers want is to feel safe and secure and enjoy an outstanding betting experience. America’s Bookie has been doing just that for over a decade. 

While larger sportsbooks have entered and left the market, AB has stood the test of time and has emerged as one of the best and safe sportsbook in the industry.

Safety and security is paramount to America’s Bookie. Customers feel confident their personal and financial information is safe. The user experience is outstanding and loyal bettors continue to come back each and every week…just like family.