Tennis Week 12-29

The ATP website did a piece on 4 guys who are retiring this year and they left one out who hasn’t played in 4 years but is finally throwing in the towel (Robin Soderling),and we wanted to give you our 2 cents about these 5 players and tell what they all have in common.
The other 4 guys are Mardy Fish, Robbie Ginepri, Michael Russell and Jarkko Nieminen. The thing that all 5 of these players had in common was hard work. The only one who has any sort of a pedigree was Jarkko was a junior champion before he hit the tour. Still the way he played the game was maximizing his talent by changing speeds and spins and trying to make you beat yourself. He was always was great to bet on cuz usually he was the dog and most times either won or came close to winning the match
Fish was bit different. He never went to college and never was Junior champ but his big serve and work ethic rose him all he way to top 10.Another thing that all 4 of these guys had in common was careers were slowed by injuries. Fish was finally doing some major damage late in his career when he was diagnosed with some sort of heart problem, which took him out for quite a while. We are still proud of him for making one last comeback last year and he played well and went out on his own terms.
Ginepri and Russell were similar players in that both maximized their talents. Russell was no more than a satellite player like me but somehow he managed to play in quite a few Slams, challengers and on the main tour. Since he made it, and I didn’t I certainly have to respect that. Ginepri had even more success and all he could really do was hit grounders over and over and not miss. It did get him to US Open Semis one year; that’s not too shabby.
Soderling has the same story as well. he was journeyman player really with top 100 ability but then he met his coach Magnus Norman, who he himself worked his way to the top and became a Top 10 player. Unfortunately for him the body can only take so much punishment and the overwork lead to Mono and his ultimate demise, never to be seen from again.
We like players and teams who are hard workers and overachieve and that is who like to bet on at America’s Bookie as well, not people who are lazy like, most the Wide Receivers in The NFL. Enjoy your New Year guys we will be back next week and be taking about real live tennis as we begin the year “down under”, take care.

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