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Tips for Rating an Online Sportsbook

Updated: .February 8, 2017

Right now there are a number of review sites on the Internet for online sportsbooks that can help you decide on the best place to book your sports bets. However, even if you have a limited amount of experience when it comes to Internet sports betting there are a few simple ways to create your own rating system to find an online betting outlet that works the best for your sports gambling style.

The best starting point to rating any online sportsbook is to take a generalized look at its overall reputation in the sports betting industry. Not to say that the books that have been around the longest are the best, but any kind of longevity in what can be a highly competitive business environment has to count for something.

The online sports gambling industry is still relatively young given all the fairly recent advances in gambling software technology and even the oldest online sportsbooks only date back to the late 1990’s. An explosion in popularity in sports betting has flooded the field with a large number of choices when it comes to betting online, but any book that has been able to stand the test of time over the past 20 years or so deserves some praise for their efforts.

The next tip for rating your own online sportsbook is to get some reliable background on their financial strength and stability. Once again, longevity has an impact in this category, but there are some well-funded books out there that are fairly new to the game. The last thing you want or need is a book that is slow to payoff withdrawal requests due to a lack of proper cash flow and other financial resources. Make sure that you thoroughly investigate any sportsbook’s financial policy for making deposits and requesting withdrawals. If any of the terms appear to be questionable or unreasonable (such as transfer fees, waiting periods, etc.) then that should raise an immediate red flag in your review.

Another thing that you will want to make note of is an online sportsbook’s country of origin as well as which other countries it does business with. Most of today’s top online sportsbooks that deal with US players work out of offshore countries such as Costa Rica and Panama, where current government legislation has created a very favorable working environment for online sports gambling. Online sports betting is also legal in Canada and the UK and some of the biggest books in the industry operating online work out of these locals. Every site will be up front about accepting US players, which is very helpful when it comes to narrowing down your choices.

Any online sportsbook that has registered an unusually high number of customer complaints for one reason or the other should also raise a red flag. Sports bettors are a rather vocal group and definitely not bashful about voicing their complaints on public forums. This is where you need to do your own due diligence when it comes to finding books that have a quality in-house customer service team with a proven track record of quickly resolving any issues that may arise.

Free bet bonuses and other forms of promotional incentives can be a great way to extend your overall sports betting bankroll, but be sure that you also delve deep into all the rules and regulations involved with actually earning these types of financial rewards. You should think of any online sportsbook’s bonus and incentive programs as icing on the cake as opposed to being the primary reason that you decided to open a betting account with that site.

Once you combine all of these different factors into one overall grade, you are sure to find a couple of A+ sports betting outlets that would be a perfect fit for your online sports betting style.

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