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2 tournaments were played last week as Stan Wawrinka beat Paire

Updated: .October 14, 2015

2 tournaments were played last week as Stan Wawrinka beat Paire in Japan and Djokovic beat Nadal in China. You have to give credit to Rafa as although his days as the world’s number one is over, his guts and court savvy will still carry him a few more years and keep him in the top 10 .This week we are playing the Masters event in Shanghai which has become a big event in the last few years, the players love going there and the country of China has really started to love the game of tennis.

This week we wanted to talk about how tennis has evolved from a sport for the rich in which “Buffy and Chad” would be playing at the country clubs in cardigans, and now is a sport for the masses, and the countries like China, Russia and Germany that had state supported programs are now the frontrunners.
In the old days the players that would win were the players whip had rich parents who would pay for their lessons and then they would take their “Talents” to places like Wimbledon and Forest Hills and compete for the amateur national Championships. That all changed in 1968 when the pro players who had the own “Barnstormer” tours were invited to these chanmpiships and the Open era was invented. Suddenly they were paying pretty good money to win these events. The Cold War was going on the countries in the communist blocks started tennis programs and there were a few decent tennis players that were developed, but they were still years behind countries that had the money like the USA. When I was growing up tin 70’s and 80’s it was still a sport for the rich and you needed money to make it in this sport no matter how much talent you had. That was my always my excuse; I was always fighting an uphill battle against players that could afford expensive lessons from the best teachers.

To some extent this is still the case in the USA as the free tennis programs have the bad teachers who can’t get the good paying jobs at the private clubs. Which brings us to point of this article; countries with state supported programs like Germany and China have slowly met or surpassed the traditional western democratic societies in talent. As we said tennis is big in China now. It has its own Masters event and the level of tennis is greatly improved over 20-30 years ago. If the USA doesn’t find better programs for its kids it will never again be on top of the tennis world. This is not likely to happen, so get used to more players more players like Nishikori and Berdych coming from the East and challenging for the number one spot as opposed players like Evert and Connors.

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