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Tennis Week 1-4

Updated: .January 4, 2016

Hey guys Happy New Year and welcome back. We hope you didn’t get fat over the holidays like we did. The players hopefully were working on their game and not getting fat as well as it’s time to go back to work as we have 3 tourneys this week in Brisbane, Doha and Chennai. There will be 2 warm-ups weeks till we go to Melbourne for the Australian Open which begins in 2 short weeks. No wonder tennis players careers don’t last that long, mine lasted forever but that’s because I sucked and was in and out of retirement a hundred times, but I digress. We just finished the season a few weeks ago and now it’s back to long season for the next 10 months. Although it’s tough on the players it’s great for fans and bettors that we have tennis now to bet on America’s Bookie. Football is winding down and in our opinion the best sports to make money on are Football and tennis. Speaking of football Chris Collingsworth said last night on Sunday Night Football that when he went to the Kentucky Derby a famous handicapper told him look at the last 3 races and bet on the horses that are in form, and that is the same thing in NFL. This certainly applies in tennis betting as well and the people that do well in these next 2 weeks are certainly people to keep your eyes on in Melbourne.
Thad’s the good news the bad news is that in these first few tourneys we really don’t know who was practicing and who was partying. Now back to good news again, that also means that some of the big favorites are ripe for upsets and they are not in game shape, especiaily when they playing a match hardened qualifier. In the Lopez match that is going on now he is playing some qualifier and although it’s too late to bet on this one unless you take a live bet, you could always bet it just like in football at +5.5 games or just play the over in number of games total as these seeds will struggle for a few weeks. Getting used to the blistering heat is also a factor. For our first pick however we are on Ilhan +140 over Kuznetsov. The odds aren’t that great but keep your eyes open for good value plays in the next 2 weeks. Good luck and welcome back.

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