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Super Bowl Props Betting

Updated: .January 29, 2016

By: Joe Berra

We’re a little over a week from Super Bowl, and if bettors have their say, there wouldn’t even have to be a game played. Statistics across the sportsbetting industry have 80%+ of the betting public’s money on the Panthers, so much so, the line has moved from an opening 4-point spread to 6, where it currently is at America’s Bookie. Never fear though, besides the spread, the props being offered at the best offshore sportsbook will keep you more than entertained.

I’m going to give you an idea of some of the prop bets being offered, with their odds, but before I do let’s take a quick look at the current first half and first quarter lines.

Super Bowl First Half Spreads:
Carolina Panthers -3 -125
Denver Broncos +3 +105

Super Bowl First Half Total:
OVER 22½ -115
UNDER 22½ -105

Super Bowl First Half Moneyline:
Panthers -220
Broncos +180

Super Bowl First Quarter Spread:
Carolina Panthers -½ -110
Denver Broncos +½ -120

Super Bowl First Quarter Total:
OVER 7½ -110
UNDER 7½ -120

Now that we’re caught up on the first half and quarter spreads, totals and moneylines, let’s focus our attention on the various props that are being offered. I know we don’t need anything else to get excited for Super Bowl Sunday, but these prop bets do just that. They’ll get you in your seat for the coin toss and keep you there until the final play.

Coin Toss Props

Will the coin land on:
Heads -105
Tails -105

Who will win the coin toss:
Panthers -105
Broncos -105

Will the winner of the coin toss win Super Bowl 50?:
Yes -105
No -105

Player calling opening coin toss will call:
Heads -105
Tails -105

Team/Player to call coin toss will be:
Correct -105
Wrong -105

Team to score first:
Panthers -145
Broncos +115

First score of the game:
Touchdown -145
Any other +115

Time of first score:
Yes first score in first 6½ minutes 1Q -110
No first score in first 6½ minutes 1Q -120

First scoring play:
Broncos any other TD +2500
Broncos field goal +350
Broncos safety +4500
Broncos TD pass +450
Broncos TD run +850
Panthers any other TD +1700
Panthers field goal +230
Panthers safety +4500
Panthers TD pass +250
Panthers TD run +500

Team totals (game):
Panthers points OVER 26 -115
Panthers points UNDER 26 -115

Broncos points OVER 20 -115
Broncos points UNDER 20 -115

Team totals (1st half):
Panthers OVER 13 -115
Panthers UNDER 13 -115

Broncos OVER 10 -110
Broncos UNDER 10 -120

Longest touchdown:
OVER 42½ -115
UNDER 42½ -115

Player to score the first touchdown:
A Caldwell +3500
C Artis-Payne +4500
C Latimer +3500
C Newton +700
CJ Anderson +900
D Funchess +1750
D Thomas +850
E Dickson +2800
E Sanders +850
G Olsen +850
J Cotchery +1750
J Norwood +2800
J Stewart +750
M Tolbert +750
O Daniels +1350
P Manning +5500
R Hillman +1350
T Ginn +950
V Davis +2800
Broncos defense or special teams +1750
Panthers defense or special teams +1050
No Touchdown +10000

Super Bowl MVP:
Aqib Talib +5000
Brandon McManus +4500
CJ Anderson +1750
Cam Newton -185
Corey Brown +3500
Danny Trevathan +4500
Demarcus Ware +1750
Demaryius Thomas +1750
Derek Wolfe +6500
Emmanuel Sanders +1750
Graham Gano +4500
Greg Olsen +950
Jonathan Stewart +850
Josh Norman +2000
Luke Kuechly +700
Peyton Manning +175
Ronnie Hillman +2500
Ted Ginn Jr +1750
Von Miller +950

That’s not all that being offered, but you’re going to have to go to America’s Bookie to see the rest. When you go there, you’ll see a huge variety of special player props and odds for players to score one or more touchdown(s). You’ll also find props for total points scored and margin of victory; and if you’re real adventurous, you can place a double result wager on half time and full time results. Go to the best offshore sportsbook right now to check out all these great bets, and they’re sure to add more as the big game gets closer.

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