Sportsbook Review: This past week in the Sportsbook Industry – 3/10 – 3/17

Here are the latest news in the sportsbook industry:

- A Bet Prestige player has been owed $8,000 for one year. He states that his account was closed in February, 2011 with a balance of approximately $10,000. A manager allegedly told the player that he would be paid $1,000 per month but he says that he has received only $2,000. Bet Prestige is currently not accepting new player sign-ups.

- RebateWager will no longer accept new users. According to RebateWager's management the move will allow the sportsbook to focus on their active business. RebateWager's premise is to give large rebates on losing wagers per week for players choosing the cash-back account setting. RebateWager claims that player registration change aside it will be business as usual.

- MatchBook now offers players the ability to choose their currency. Players were previously limited to accounts in USD but Matchbook now also features EUR, GBP, CDN and HKD.

Here's what Andrew Pantling, CEO of Matchbook.com said about the new feature:

"We are very happy to announce that all customers of Matchbook will now be able to bet in currencies other than USD. Since March 2011 , when the company was newly acquired, the growth we have achieved has surprised even us. This further confirms our belief that the industry is crying out for a low commission, betting exchange alternative which delivers value back to the punter. These are exciting times for Matchbook and sports gamblers alike, and will allow us to expand on the growth we've already seen, as well as adding to our position as the number 1 place to bet NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB."

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