Sportsbook Review: This past week in the Sportsbook Industry – 2/18 – 2/25

Here are the latest news in the sportsbook industry:

- 105 Vig Sportsbook is currently offline. This sportsbook was hosted on a web server based in New York and shared the same remote address as a number of handicapping services. 105Vig offered an unecrypted log in, no customer support via email or phone number. 105 Vig Sportsbook was offering a $100 freeplay to try out their service but several players requested a payout after they met the rollover and they were denied because the sportsbook said that they needed a minimum of $500 to ask for payment, although this term was not found anywhere on their rules pages.

- VIP Sports, Nine.com and BetGameday controversially decided to close up shop on August 1st, one month before the start of the football season. These sportsbooks were based on Curacao and they closed on a time when many seasonal sports bettors were not logged into their accounts but they paid the players who requested their balances by the August 1st deadline.

New sportsbook GTBets.com announced that it would honor the player funds of former VIP Sports, Nine.com and BetGameday  customers. GTBets.com, also based in Curacao, is comprised of former VIP Sports management and they fully acquired the software source code and retained hardware. GTBets.com vowed to contact all players with remaining balances but it's too early to judge, we'll keep an eye on them.

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