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NFL Picks of the Week: Week 2

Updated: .September 16, 2011

I’m a little conflicted with my NFL picks of the week.  It’s only week 2 so we need to see a couple more games to know who is for real, who is a flop and who is going to be able to sustain for the length of the season.  I’ve heard so much from the “experts” this week telling us what Vegas is thinking and what this line move and that line move means.  So I had to take a few minutes this morning, clear my head of all the garbage and not let anyone or anything psyche me out.  Be sure and check all the lines for the weekend at Americas Bookie.

Baltimore (1-0) at Tennessee (0-1)

Baltimore is a 6 point favorite in this one.  What is all this talk about taking Tennessee + the points because they are a home dog?  Are they going to start the second team or send in scrubs to play this one.  Is it not gonna be Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and the boys smacking people on the defense?  Are Joe Flacco and Ray Rice taking the week off?  Sometimes you have to just look at the game and the players and not statistics of what happens after team A wins by x amount of points the week before.  Baltimore didn’t just beat Pittsburgh, they destroyed them.  Look for Suggs and the rest of the D to terrorize Matt Hasselbeck.  And what will happen?  He’ll get shook up and make some major mistakes.  He didn’t have bad numbers last week, but they were playing Jacksonville.  Ray Rice will get 100 yards again for the Ravens and Flacco will capitalize again on Rice’s running.  Prediction: Baltimore -6   Baltimore 29  Tennessee 10


San Diego (1-0) at New England (1-0)

I’ve been mulling over this one all week also.  Brady is good, but can he come close to duplicating last week?  If Chad Henne was able to move the ball and score 24 points, Rivers should be able to do more.  And while New England’s offense is near perfect, the defense has some holes, as it gave up big play after big play against Miami.  Even though I was going against betting stats in the first pick I like this one:  Philip River is an incredible 12-4 record ATS as an underdog.  Center Dan Koppen is out with an ankle injury for the Patriots.  Does playing with a different center slow this offense down at all?  I don’t know if San Diego has what it takes to beat them, but just can’t resist that 7 point line.  Prediction:  San Diego +7                             New England  27   San Diego  24


Arizona (1-0) at Washington (1-0)

I saw some good things from the Washington Redskins last week against the Giants.  QB Rex Grossman passed for over 300 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He had no interceptions.  Is this the year the much maligned quarterback has a solid season?  The one thing that gives a little pause is that Grossman was sacked 4 times, so hopefully they are working that out on the practice field this week.  Arizona did some good things in their win over the Carolina Panthers last week, but the Cardinals secondary allowed #1 draft pick Cam Newton to pass for 422 yards to tie an NFL rookie record.  Kevin Kolb performed well  last Sunday beating the Panther’s, but most came on blown coverages where he just lobbed deep bombs to his receivers.  I simply don’t see Arizona going 2-0.  Prediction:  Washington – 3 ½       Washington   24     Arizona   17


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