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NFL Fans Perception Of Teams

Updated: .October 24, 2015

It never ceases to amaze me how NFL fans perceptions of teams changes game to game. We noticed this week as it pertains to the NY Giants. The facts are that had played 5 games in which they either won or were up by more than 10 points in the 4th quarter then went right down the field and scored easily and got the Eagles to go 3 and out and were moving the ball and then played a bad game, yet the Giant fans were acting like their teams sucks.
On the Monday Night Football broadcast Jon Gruden said that the Giants might have the bests set of wide receivers in the league. There was an article online last week that asked the question “Do the Giants have the best interior lineman in the league?”How is this possible one week and then because of 3 bad quarters of bad play suddenly the fans say that the GM should be fired because the Giants have a lack of talent on the team. The fans this week were all over Jerry Reese saying he didn’t address the offensive line problems in which he now has 2 first round picks, a high priced free agent, a second round pick and another second round pick who is hurt and will coming off of PUP this week. Weeks ago there were calls about how this teams is special is may win at Title. This week however we had fans making suggestions from getting rid of the Gm, to blaming the water boy for not giving the team enough Gatorade during the Game.
So again I ask the question, how is possible that the perception of the Giants goes from that they should be undefeated one week ,to they have a lack of talent the next? Talent is what it is and performance on the field changes same to game. The fans only see the wins and losses at the end of the games. Now although agree with the saying “Winning is not the most important thing it’s the only thing”, that doesn’t mean we must panic and completely change the team after every loss. There was one caller this week that said,”It was time to put Victor Cruz on season ending IR to let him heal up for next year”. Why is that? So we can grab a guy who is out of the league or off of someone practice squad to replace him, instead of getting our best player back in 2 weeks. This aint fantasy football.
People panic in life and feel they must make changes, for the sake of change. The people who are successful in life are the ones who keep their head about then when all others are losing it.” Years ago when the Jerry Reese didn’t sign a broken down Steve Smith for too much money and the Eagles were wasting money on bad, old overpaid free agents, there were Giant who Fans were jumping off if bridges, and ESPN handed the Super Bowl to the Eagles in July. I told people that there was guy would make you forget about Steve Smith and his name was Victor Cruz. Well Cruz is now a Superstar, Smith is working at Burger King, the Eagles sucked that year, and the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl, led by Cruz. Try to predict what will happen not what has happened.
So when you are placing your bets at America’s Bookie or just cheering for your favorite team remember the first line from the famous poem by Rudyard Kipling “IF”. If you can keep your head about you when all others are losing theirs————–

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