College BB Latest News

Panthers sign Todman - March 30, 2015
Cocha wins by 2 in Mexico - March 30, 2015
Cavs hold off Sixers - March 30, 2015
Pacers hold off Mavericks - March 30, 2015
Lopez, Nets beat Lakers - March 30, 2015
Clippers dominate Celtics - March 30, 2015
Nadal loses in Miami - March 30, 2015
Fire edge 10-man Union - March 29, 2015
Jets activate Perreault - March 29, 2015
Cubs release Doubront - March 28, 2015
Diaw, Spurs dominate Mavs - March 28, 2015

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What is Pay per head?

We have been getting a few emails asking us what is pay per head and questions on how to become a bookie.


Pay per head is a term that is used in the sportsbook industry. Pay per head is a service that allows bookies to outsource their business at minimal cost.

Pay Per Head