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NBA Finals: Another Fast Start For Game 5?

Updated: .June 12, 2017

By Charles Jay

The Cleveland Cavaliers couldn’t have possibly come out of the gate any faster than they did in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, after losing the first three games to the Golden State Warriors. It was if they said “Hey – don’t forget about us; we ARE the champions.” And if you believe in teams making “statements,” well, they certainly made one – loudly. Now they have to win again, this time on the enemy’s home floor, in order to continue this shindig. So Game 5 will begin at 9 PM ET at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. And if you are an America’s Bookie customer, you can keep all of your action going even after the game tips off. How? Through two different options for “Live Betting” in your user-friendly sportsbook interface.

The Cavs came up with something that worked for them in a big way in game 4 – they hit early and often from three-point range. They scored 49 points in the first quarter – a total that could have been even greater had they not missed eight free throws. Their totals for the quarter and the half were records for NBA Finals competition. And they hit 24 triples on the game, with Kyrie Irving (40 points) and Kevin Love having 13 of those between them.

Meanwhile, the Warriors didn’t exactly go cold – they just didn’t have enough to keep pace with a furious avalanche of points – in the first half, that is. It was 86-68 Cavaliers at the break, and G-State didn’t do much to catch up in the second half, even though Cleveland had only 51 points after intermission. It’s just that the furious pace that was set had slowed down considerably.

In the NBA Finals betting odds posted on this game, the Warriors are favorites:

Golden State Warriors -8.5
Cleveland Cavaliers +8.5

Over 230.5 points -110
Under 230.5 points -110

Amazingly, there were only 99 points scored in the second half after 154 in the first. And there has been a pattern along those lines in this series. Here are the first and second-half totals in each game – note the incredible disparity:

Game 1 – 112 / 92
Game 2 – 131 / 114
Game 3 – 128 / 103
Game 4 – 154 / 99

Obviously if you’re looking for a way to go in this game, this is something very strong to consider. And that goes not only for the first half proposition (where the total is 120.5 points) but also the second half, where the numbers will appear in the “Live Betting” option at halftime. We went “over” for the first half, then took the “under” in the second and won with both.

And if this is accompanied by some logical evidence, that’s all the better. If you read this space before Game 4, we pointed out that LeBron James, who pretty much calls the shots as to what happens on the floor, felt that the problem for his team wasn’t necessarily that it allowed Golden State to push the Pace over the “100” figure in the previous two games – much more to their liking – but that his team wasn’t making shots. There was no indication that they were going to do anything to slow the pace down, and as you could see, 49 points in the first quarter and 86 at the half will never, in any universe, constitute anything that is slow, moderate or deliberate.

And since the Cavs DID hit their shots and experienced success in Game 4, I would not expect anything different now. And of course you have to consider that Golden State has scored an AVERAGE of just under 37 points in the first quarter. We might wind up being wrong here, but it is well worth taking a chance on the first-half total going OVER 120.5 points, then, as mentioned, looking long and hard at what is posted for the second half, based on the numbers we just showed you, as the Charles Jay / America’s Bookie Challenge continues on Monday night.

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