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Money Matters

Updated: .March 20, 2017

By Frankie the Fan

I was reading a financial thing about the Fed raising rates this week and what they are going to be doing in the next year, and as they say on ESPN, “It got me to thinking,” is there anything more important than money?

Do you remember the episode of Taxi in which Latka was upset about failing in his business venture? I think he was selling cookies that had hashish in them if I remember correctly. He was in tears and he started to hallucinate due to his cookies that he now realized he couldn’t sell anymore. Suddenly “Famous Amos”, who was the guy that was famous for selling cookies back in the 70’s and 80’s, floated down and appeared and started talking the Latka. Famous said “Latka, why are you so upset? I’d like to tell you that there are so many more important things in life then money. There’s love, a beautiful day, family, friends, children.” Then he said, “I’d love to tell you that Latka but that’s a bunch of nonsense, making money is where it’s at!!! If you can’t make it in cookies, then make it in brownies”. “Look at me, do you think I’d be this happy if I was poor?”

There was another line possibly from the same episode in which Latka is talking to Alex and he says “Alex, all you need is friends and you will be happy”, then he walks away and comes back and says “and a nice car, and that’s all you need Alex is friends and nice car and you will be happy”, then he says “and a nice house, if you had friends, a nice car, and nice house you will be happy, with a pool, and then you could be happy if you had friends and nice car, nice house with a pool you could happy”. Then he says “with girls by the pool”. “All you need is friend’s, a nice car, a nice house with girls by the pool, then you could be happy”

Then he takes second to reflect and he says, “Wait minute, if you had a nice car, a nice house with girls by the pool, you wouldn’t need friends they would only get in the way.”

The point is money matters. Do you remember Gordon Gekko’s famous speech in which he says, “GREED, for lack of better word is good, it cuts though the essence of the American spirit and will to win”? I’m sick and tired of democrats saying stuff like pay your fair share in taxes. Wasn’t that funny as hell when Donald Trump punked Rachel “Madcow”, this week and got her to announce how much money he has and how much he pays in taxes. Bottom line is Trump worked his ass off and has money now and that is a good thing. Money can buy you many things including the Presidency. Donald has good life, he’s a billionaire, is married to a model wife and is now the most powerful man in the world. If he was working in Wall-Mart then he would be stocking shelves, be married to some 60-year-old, fat ugly bitch that treats him like shit and goes through 2 bottles of bourbon day and smokes 2 packs of Camels a day, and he’d be living in a trailer park.

So, the bottom line is “Money Does Matter”, and as Amos said if you can’t make it with cookies, then make it something else. We here at America’s Bookie and Ask the Bookie want you to succeed in your sports betting career as well. Many a professional gambler has made it big, but he was smart. We here are smart and will be there to guide you through your betting career.

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