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Keep Your March Betting Lines Sharp with Pay Per Head

Updated: .March 13, 2017

By Dave Schwab

March Madness does not just mean wall-to-wall college basketball games all month long; it means a golden opportunity to make some serious money as an independent sports bookmaker working with the right Pay Per Head site for all of your online bookie software needs.

Savvy sports bettors know that there are bound to be some soft lines out there over the next few weeks in any number of betting events given how much time the Oddsmakers are going to have to spend on keeping the betting lines sharp for the upcoming men’s basketball NCAA Tournament. Fast and sharp betting lines are the life blood of a private bookie, so it is up to you to dial up your efforts to stay way out ahead of the betting action coming in during the sheer madness of March.

Fortunately, the top price per head services in the Internet sports betting industry have been able to do a really good job setting odds whether it is through their own in-house staff or with the help of the top oddsmaking services around the globe. The bottom line is that your PPH service should be able to get you all the betting lines you need, when you need them. This includes the fast-paced world of live in-game betting where the action never stops from the minute the games begin.

Quality online bookie software is designed to get you all the betting lines you need both fast and sharp, but it is still up to you to employ the right business analytics to track the daily action coming in. One of the top features of the best Pay Per Head sites is the ability to quickly move your own betting lines while changing your offerings to best meet your particular business needs.

It really does not matter how much a betting line moves at any of the big offshore sportsbooks operating online on a particular matchup, you need the instant ability to move one of your lines to properly reflect the action you are taking in on that same game. You also need this value-added feature to be part of the weekly price per head service fees that you are already paying for each of your active betting customers. If you are paying any added fees or additional service costs to move your own betting lines, it could be time to start looking for an new sportsbook management solutions provider.

While it is going to take some extra time on your end given the rise in betting volume, sharp lines are a private bookie’s best friend given just how much betting action will be on the board in the month of March. While the NCAA Tournament is sure to provide the bulk of the action you take in over the next few weeks, you need to be vigilant with your particular betting lines for everything on your board. You need to have a system in place that can quickly spot a soft line and make an adjustment.

As mentioned, sports bettors are paying extra special attention to betting lines right now across the board for every possible betting event. You do want to risk taking a big hit on a soft NHL moneyline that may have slipped through the cracks. You also have to pay close attention to betting lines for the upcoming NIT or any other smaller college basketball tournaments you might be taking action on. If you do your homework and stay ahead of the curve, March is one of the best times of the year to be an independent sports bookmaker working with the right Pay Per Head site.

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