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Enhanced Mobile Betting Capabilities with Pay Per Head

Updated: .April 26, 2017

By Dave Schwab
Recent advances in mobile technology over the past few years has revolutionized how most people use their personal Smart phones and other hand-held devices to do just about anything and this has spilled over into the world of Internet sports betting. If you are taking in betting action as an independent sports bookmaker, then you need to have a quality mobile platform in place for any of your customers that prefer this method of placing their bets.

What makes things really easy for today’s private bookie is the high level of intricate online technology that is employed by the top Pay Per Head sites when it comes to their operating system as well as the particular online bookie software that is used to help you successfully run and manage your own sportsbook. When you take into consideration just how much you would have to spend to try and create these vital capabilities on your own, it becomes rather obvious just how much a bargain their weekly price per head rates really are. Best of all, you will only have to pay that weekly per head fee for your active betting customer base.

A quality mobile platform to handle incoming bets from a hand-held mobile device is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything that today’s high-tech PPH services can bring to the table. They also bring a very high level of redundancy across an entire database to ensure that your online bookie business remains up and running every single day of the year. Included in their sportsbook management software solutions is a number of security measures that also ensure that every online transaction is completed in a safe and secure manner.

All of these valued-added features and benefits are designed to help your bookie business level the playing field with the big offshore sportsbooks operating online. Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is not only looking for all the bells and whistles that most of the big books will use to try and attract them to their million dollar websites, they are also looking for a much higher level of customer service and attention to detail that the big books simply cannot match. You need to use this edge its fullest advantage when it comes to marketing your bookmaking service to prospective sports bettors.

Also included in the low, weekly price per head fee you pay for active bettors is additional mobile applications to run your own expanded racebook for horse racing as well as an online casino that is equipped with a number of mobile gaming options along with live dealer table games. Both of these added streams of revenue can prove to be extremely beneficial when it comes to adding some additional bottom-line profit to your entire bookmaking operation.

Positioning yourself as a full-service bookie that can match just about anything the big books can offer is the best way to build a business that can provide year-round profits over the long term. Pay Per Head sites are constantly investing in their bookie software solutions to make sure that you always stay way ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing industry. What might have been considered “state-of-the art” last year could easily be obsolete in today’s rapidly changing online gambling environment.

Do yourself a favor and work with your current Pay Per Head provider to make sure that you are maximizing all of their mobile betting capabilities. While you probably still have some old school bettors calling in their daily bets, you need a full complement of betting options to meet the needs of everyone in your current customer base.

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