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Controlling Your Costs with Pay Per Head

Updated: .March 21, 2017

By Dave Schwab

You need a steady flow of betting action coming in to make steady money as an independent sports bookmaker, but another key factor to successfully running and managing your own sportsbook over an extended period of time is the ability to control costs with the help of a quality Pay Per Head site.

Choosing the right price per head service for all of your online sportsbook software solutions is probably the biggest business decision you will ever have to make as a private bookie. While every PPH service offers online sports betting software solutions, do not kid yourself into thinking that they are all equal when it comes to the actual business tools they can provide.

Most of the top online gambling software providers have been working with private bookies for a number of years. They have already made the necessary investments in their operating systems on online software package and they have the high level of experience and expertise that is needed to flourish in what can be a highly competitive business environment.

There are also a few newer price per head services in the Internet sports betting industry that have quickly demonstrated that they have what it takes to help today’s modernized private bookie, so the biggest takeaway from this conversation is to be sure to do your due diligence when it comes to finding a PPH service that is the best fit for your specific business needs.

One of the biggest factors you need to focus on in this search is the actual weekly cost to take your bookie business online. Most of the top online sports gambling software providers have set one weekly price per head fee for the services they provide. The fee is only charged for your active betting customers and there are no other hidden fees or added costs for any of the additional business services they provide. Make sure that you always check the fine print of any bookmaker agent agreement to ensure that all your upfront costs are rolled into that one weekly PPH service fee.

One of the most important aspects of running and managing your own sportsbook is quick and easy access to all the betting lines you need to properly build out your board. You also need the ability to move your own betting lines to reflect the daily action that you are taking in. Most Pay Per Head companies include this option in their upfront fee, but it is still something you should check before you sign on with any PPH service.

Another big plus for your bookie business is your own customized company website as part of your price per head fee. This added benefit can not only save you a ton of money in start-up costs, it can quickly give you a highly professional online presence that will instantly help you level the playing field against the big offshore sportsbooks operating online. Once you have your own company website up and running, you will come to find that it will be your best marketing tool for growing and expanding your current sports betting customer base.

If you are also interested in running an expanded racebook for horse betting as well as an online casino equipped with mobile gaming and live dealer table games, then you need to find a Pay Per Head site that includes both of these applications as part of their per head fee for their online gambling software package.

Being successful as a private bookie over the long haul is still going to take some hard work and dedication on your end, but having the right Pay Per Head site by your side can make this end goal much easier to accomplish.

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