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Both Sides of the Hook Can Make You Sharp

Updated: .March 6, 2015

The hook provides difficulties that even the experience handicapper might not be aware of.  During this last week, we had two selections with each one going a different way by the narrowest of margins.  Now most would accept their situation as is and see their bankroll adjust downward to the tune of -0.10 units.  However, this is not good enough for the crowd at AsktheBookie.  Therefore, Anthony Cashman will divulge a pointer that will expand your potential that will more than make up for a marginal loss.

Earlier this week we had Baylor at + 2 1/2 over Texas.  This came through as Texas  won by two in overtime.  Yesterday, Drake at -1 or -1 1/2 was a common price which we recommended but it went south on us by that same gap as Baylor came through.  Now here is the point of psychology to fight and in doing so, it will see your bankroll through.

Give the same amount of time determining by you won by 1/2 point as the games that you lost by 1/2 a point.

The point is that the selections that you work on should in reality never come this close either way.  Yes, the books can occasionally lock onto a game with pinpoint accuracy.  However with the vast selection of college basketball games, we should only wager on the ones that come through by a wide margin over a posted line.  When we win or lose by the hook, we are in essence a dart thrower.  The fate of such a player is to see their bankroll consumed over time.

Now whether it was your own work or a recommendation of an associate, now is the time to see a.  how the books got it so close and b.  where you went wrong in selecting a game that the oddsmakers nailed.  Determine if it was a fluke or something that you just evaluated incorrectly.  Chew on this for fifteen minutes during the day and your skill will make enough of a leap forward as to drastically reduce this from happening again.

There is no free pick today.  We have recommendations but what is one day’s play in comparison to the long haul.  Askthebookie wants better minds to inhabit the halls of their forums.  Sponsors of ours like America’s Bookie have premium bonuses to get us through learning lessons like this. It is an oasis in a desert of adversarial relationships.  Sit down friend and together we will make that journey to sports wagering profit.


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