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America’s Bookie Offers Betting on New Basketball and Hockey Leagues

Updated: .March 8, 2017

One of the world’s best online sports bookmakers has just improved it’s offerings even further. America’s Bookie has been one of the leading online sports bookies since 2005 thanks to their leading service, sports betting options, casino, poker and racebook.

But America’s Bookie is never satisfied and is always trying to improve the experience for their players. They recently announced they were adding more basketball and hockey offerings to their already large selection of sports to bet on. Let’s take a quick look at the additions.

New International Basketball Betting Offerings

Sports bettors from around the world could already bet on the National Basketball Association and college basketball. But now, America’s Bookie has opened up betting on the basketball leagues in many of the other countries.

For instance, you can now bet on Liga A in Argentina or Ligan in Sweden. Players from France can enjoy betting on the LNB, Spain the ACB and Germany the BBL. That’s not all — they also added the following professional basketball leagues to bet on: United Kingdom (BBL), Italy (Lega A), Turkey (Super Ligi) and Greece (Basket League).

New International Hockey Betting Offerings

Similar to the basketball additions, America’s Bookie also opened up betting on new hockey leagues across the world. The National Hockey League (NHL) was already included and is one of the most popular hockey leagues to bet on. But now players can bet on the following at America’s Bookie: United States (AHL), Canada (OHL), Russia (KHL), Finland (LIGA), Czech Republic (EXTRALIGA), Sweden (SHL), and Germany (DEL).

America’s Bookie is continually investing in their company to make it the best online sports bookie in the business. They are always provided great sportsbook bonuses, incentives and more for players that are looking for a place to “call home”.

These basketball and hockey additions show that America’s Bookie is committed to growth and serving players from all countries across the world.

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