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AB’s The Brink : The Cover, the brink

Updated: .October 24, 2015

On the Brink, we look at why the cover of the book often gets you in trouble. From the Land Down Under, we get the story of a young but legal lady getting shot down at the local liquor store. Find out what aspect of her cover prevented her legal purchase of alcohol. Also we take a gander at a massive NFL line movement based on the assumptions that a third string quarterback can not get in done in Kansas City. Let us get down to it right now at Americas Bookie’s The Brink.

sexyTake for example a case where it was not rigged but simply occurred as is. A 18 year old student went to a local liquor store to make a purchase after school wearing her uniform. Now it was not a set up per se as she is actually enrolled in an educational program that requires her to wear it. So she would saunter up to the bottle show where she was of legal age to drink and tried to make a purchase. Time after time she was refused despite displaying legal id saying she was of age. Now the parent is pressing the issue and the store is starting to get into trouble of asserting morals on to the letter of the law.

Third Stringers

This is what the public is becoming when the Steelers play the Chiefs on Sunday. The line rightly opened with a 3 point spread making the visiting Pittsburgh team the favorite. Everyone looks at the uniform that says third string quarterback and instantly makes a snap judgment call. Money poured in making the home town Chiefs now close to a three point favorite based on the cover that the Steelers have a third stringer. Landry Jones knows the system and is probably a better qb right now than Michael Vick.

So we implore you to invest on the Pittsburgh Steelers right now. The value is there and do not be discouraged by the third string quarterback playing. Good fortune on this and check us out tomorrow. We will start our World Series Coverage with a bombardment of bets for you all to place at



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